Zehra Ashraf and Ashraf Mehmood – City Textiles

Zehra Ashraf and Ashraf Mehmood Eighteen years ago, City Textiles (Pvt) Ltd. came into existence as a fledgling company with limited resources and production power. When Zehra Ashhraf joined her husband, Mehmood Ashraf, in managing the business, they had little more than few spinning & textile units only enough to achieve a capacity of 30 bags of yarn and a production rate of 200 tents per day. Today, Chief Executive of the company Mr. Ashraf Mahmood, holds key positions in various trade unions within Pakistan and also holds the prestigious title of Vice Chairman in the Pakistan Canvas Tents Manufacturers & Exporters Association.

Mr. Mehmood and his wife have led City Textiles to become the 3rd most successful exporter in the country, engaging in the export of tents, tarpaulin, yarn, canvas materials and Allied products, with a major area of exports in military and disaster relief programs. They have also also received the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification. With the addition of numerous established textile and spinning units in their inventory, the company now has the capacity for 500 bags and ability to produce 1000 tents per day.

To date, City Textiles has achieved impressive supply targets for both military and emergency relief programs. Furthermore, they continue to supply tents to various parts of the world via direct Air Charter Flights out of Lahore. Some of these distribution missions have included supplying tents to the US troops and civilian refugees in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Indonesia for the last two decades.

City Textiles was awarded the 3rd Position amongst the Canvas and Tent exporters in 1999. Zehra Ashraf speaks highly of her association with FWBL: “FWBL was always there to cater to our requirements whether on a large or small scale”.

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