FWBL and State Life Insurance Corporation (SLIC) signed an agreement to sell insurance products under Bancassurance this year. Now all FWBL branches will sell the insurance plans in partnership with State Life Insurance Corporation (SLIC). The SLICO Products offered through FWBL Branches will provide FWBL customers an avenue to protect themselves against future uncertainties i.e. Financial protection in case of the Policy Holder’s demise or disability and will also help FWBL customers in planning for their futures through the Savings Feature available in all these plans.

The following three product plans will be offered in partnership with SLICO:

Endowment Plan

An exceptional insurance plan which allows savings and protection for you and your loved ones by providing lump-sum payment of Sum Assured + Bonuses at maturity or in case of death of life assured. click here for details

Three Payment Plan

A unique Insurance Plan that allows customers to plan for their 3 financial needs through ONE PLAN. click here for details

Sada Bahar Plan

This evergreen insurance plan allows policy holders flexibility coupled with Multiple Withdrawals and Additional Bonuses with exclusive Bonuses (only applicable on this Plan) along with a substantial payout at the end of the tenor. click here for details


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