Beo Zafar

Beo Zafar is a poet, writer, TV anchor, comedian and business woman.

Possessing such a multifaceted personality, it’s not surprising to see where Beo stands today. Running a very successful salon business in Karachi for almost 8 years now, Beo decided to venture into arts and literature, when she and her dear friend and painter Tabinda Chinoy launched a poems and paintings book by the name of “The Dreamer Awakens”. Beo says, “This collection of poems is what I managed to salvage (of my random writings) when I decided to publish, and it was only then that I noticed a common strain running through almost all of them: the urge to move from duality to oneness”. Ever since Beo opened her salon in Karachi, she has been banking with FWBL. And once again with the launch of her book, she has found us to be an ever-reliable partner.

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