Bushra Bibi

Bushra Bibi is a resident of Village Ladhay Wala Warraich, District Gujranwala. Due to poor economic conditions of the village, women actively help their male counterparts in earning livelihoods for their respective families. Most women in the village were trained in packing fabric napkins but because of lack of monetary resources were unable to purchase raw material (fabric).

Bushra applied and was granted a loan of Rs. 8,000 that she invested to purchase fabric for manufacturing napkins. Her business started growing and her major clients were hotels in Gujranwala. She would earn a profit of Rs. 75 per kg and a sale of an average 200 packets a month resulted in a handsome monthly income that helped her improve the financial conditions of her family.

Her future plan is to purchase a cutting machine to reduce the material costs and to expand her business by launching a retail outlet at her place. She also aspires to involve her fellow village women for the packaging of napkins.

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