Dr. Tanveer – Tanveer Ultrasound

Dr. Tanveer is a medical doctor by profession and has specialized in radiology and ultrasound. She established her own clinic 17 years back through FWBL’s credit financing facility. Hailing from a conservative background, she has defied societal norms by setting up her own business countering resistance from various quarters.

She has always had a passion to excel in this particular field. To her, ultrasound is the most important part of treatment of ailments as it involves diagnosis of the patient, helping the physician understand where the problem actually lies.

Ultrasound machinery and equipment is quite expensive and technological advancement in this field calls for constant upgradation. FWBL has always been her solution whenever she has been in need of capital to upgrade her setup.

As the field of ultrasound continues to make rapid advancements, Dr. Tanveer realizes that her setup would constantly need to respond to the technological changes. In FWBL, she knows she has a reliable partner who will always be there to help her.

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