Farida Aslam

Farida belongs to the village of Ladhay Wala Warraich in Gujranwala. She has 5 daughters and 3 sons. Till 2002, her family’s living condition was not good as her husband was unemployed. Farida first took a loan from FWBL in 2002 and started a tea shop business which failed and she had to close it down. She and her husband then decided to start the business of formal dresses and market them in Sialkot. The reason why they chose Sialkot was because they believed that in Gujranwala they can only manage to sell in peak times and in off season i.e. off marriage season, their work is not in demand, whereas in Sialkot their work is bought throughout the year.

Farida’s monthly income is now Rs. 30,000 and she earns a profit of 200% on bridal dresses. She believes she can increase her income if she has the resources to buy raw material in bulk.

Despite her initial failure, FWBL kept faith in her abilities and disbursed another loan to her. Farida says that availability of finances always poses a challenge and FWBL has always been there to help her out.

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