Inauguration of FWBL Booth at Quetta

FWBL inaugurated its booth at Govt Girls College Quetta. Begum Corps Commander Southern Command Lt. Gen Nasir Khan Janjua was the Chief Guest at the occasion. The ceremony was very well attended by women and men from different walks of life, they represented Women Chamber of Commerce Ms. Uzma Khalid (VP) and Male Chamber of Commerce Executive Member Mr. Lal Gul, Women Development Dept Ms. Janhanara Tabassum, Women Business Association CEO Ms. Sana Durrani, State Bank Mr. Shahzada , IG Women Prison Begum Mumtaz , Dr. Shagufta Iqbal Principal Govt Girls College Quetta.

Ms. Tahira Raza President FWBL said that FWBL is not a new name it is a 25 year old institution. She also informed the audience that this is a very good opportunity to serve the needs of 5000 students and approximately 400 employees at their door step which is one of FWBL’s key objective.

Begum Janjua expressed her satisfaction and said that it is very heartening to note that women Bank is exposing the younger generation to the formal banking system which is necessary for their independence. She also urged that the Bank and college management must arrange orientation sessions for the students and encourage them to open accounts.

Mr. Kaiser Bengali a high profile development economist said that people generally question why to have a separate bank for women. He said that if we have separate allocation for women seats in parliament to ensure women participation then why not a women Bank. He also said that it is the state’s responsibility to create equal opportunities to everyone and to give special treatment to people who are unable to compete because of structural imbalances. He also said that this Bank with its development objective should not be run on commercial basis, Govt must set aside annual allocation for it to carry out its developmental role.

Dr. Shagufta Iqbal Principal of the college who had been a great supporter of the booth was very happy on this occasion she said that it was her dream to see a bank in the college premises to facilitate students and help them learn about the banking system.

The program was attended by the two senior executives of FWBL along with the president Zahida Channa SVP and Regional business head & Ms Farhana Shakeel Deputy Business head of the Bank. The President thanked the guest for accepting the invitation and gracing the occasion. She appreciated the efforts of the Branch Manager Ms Uzma Naqvi, Ms Firdous Jatoi Credit officer and their team for making an excellent arrangements. She also requested the audience to support the bank as women do not need sympathy or concession they need fair opportunity and everyone is requested to provide this opportunity to women for a prosperous Pakistan.

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