FWBL NRSP Partnership

(A credit to NRSP for onward disbursement of micro credit loans)

Established in 1991 NRSP  is a non-profit organization. It is the largest Rural Support Program in the country in terms of outreach, staff and development activities.  A relationship was established with FWBL and NRSP  in 1996 for the purpose of funding this project which is extended through various branches of the bank across the country.

The main objective of NRSP is to foster a countrywide network of grassroots level organizations to enable rural communities to plan, implement and manage developmental activities and programs for the purpose of ensuring productive employment, alleviation of poverty and general improvement in the quality of life. NRSP has presence in 56 Districts of all four Provinces including Azad Jammu and Kashmir through Regional Offices and Field Offices. NRSP is currently working with more than half a million poor households organized into a network of more than 115,076 Community Organizations.l

NRSP is designed in such a way that it specializes as a support organization, which provides social guidance to communities. Their objectives are to organize rural communities develop their capital base at the local level through savings and credit schemes, support human development endeavors and link the communities with government service delivery departments, donors, NGOs and the private sector.

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