Head Consumer – Karachi

Postgraduate degree preferably MBA, from a HEC recognized university.10– 12 years of Consumer Banking experience in Consumer Risk Management. Knowledge of Core Banking, SBP Prudential Regulations, Credit Policies, Procedures and Risk Management Practices. Good managerial and communication skills as well as proficiency in MS Office/ related software’s.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Developing an overall Consumer Risk Policy Framework describing the consumer risk structure, principles, standards/ policies for product programme designing and approvals, management of third party relationships, credit management i.e. appraisal, approval, disbursement, operations, collections and problem loan management, fraud risk management, portfolio management etc.
  • Reviewing various consumer credit policies and procedures, as developed by segments, credit approval and operations groups/ divisions/ functions and providing feedback for improvements from risk management perspective.
  • Reviewing new/ updated product programme and proposing procedures/ aspects for improved risk management in such programme.
  • Responsible for consumer analytics/ portfolio management functions i.e. development of an effective portfolio management organization and framework, limit setting, portfolio review/ monitoring and exception reporting mechanisms.
  • Monitoring consumer portfolio stress testing and periodically submitting the results to the management
  • Submitting to the senior management various types of consumer credit MIS and exception reports such as rating concentration reports, major shifts to ratings, rating downgrades and other damaging/ potentially damaging exposures (such as delinquencies, classified credits etc.) and proposing remedial actions.
  • Facilitating, with various groups/ divisions/ functions, in the process for implementation of various risk management applications such as consumer risk rating systems, loan origination system etc.
  • Dealing with the consumer risk management aspects of Institutional Risk Assessment Framework (IRAF).
  • Communicating with the Chief Risk Officer and other business and other groups/ divisions/ functions as required identifying and combating risk challenges.
  • Credit Risk Review (CRR) – Responsible to independently review the approved credit cases (post facto) pertaining to new proposals, renewals, limit enhancements, restructuring, rescheduling, write-offs and cases involving other credit decisions, on a reasonable sample basis and report the results and exceptions to the Chief Risk Officer for onward communication.
  • Development of framework for the review to be performed by the credit risk review teams providing guidelines on the risk assessment, materiality thresholds, criteria to be used to decide high-focus areas/ cases, scoping, frequencies, sampling, planning, tests to be performed and areas to be covered (e.g., loan quality assessment, compliance with prescribed processes etc.), reporting and escalation of observations, summary and detailed form reporting etc.
  • Head Consumer Risk will also responsible to setup the following essential units within Consumer Risk Management for effective controls and monitoring of Consumer Portfolios.
  1. Consumer Risk Architecture
  2. Consumer portfolio Analytics/Portfolio Management
  3. Credit Risk Review

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