Corporate Documentary

The Corporate Documentary Film of the First Women Bank Ltd. “FWBL ” The Icon of Women’s Economic Empowerment” was launched at a local hotel. The Chairperson of the National Commission for Human Development, Ms. Nafisa Shah, was the chief guest while Ms. Shehnaz Wazir Ali Chairperson Higher Education Commission presided over the ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Nafisa Shah, who is also a member of the National Assembly, said that the present government in accordance with the vision of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, is striving for the empowerment of women in the country.

She pointed out that female Haris are also being distributed the land. Ms. Shah stated that steps are also being undertaken for tackling the problem of poverty and projects with a sum of Rs. 70 Billion have been initiated in this connection.

She lauded the performance of the FWBL and said that this would contribute towards the empowerment of women in the country. Ms. Shah also declared that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in accordance with its manifesto would continue to endeavor for the empowerment of the women.

She said that Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had conceived the idea of coming up with the women’s bank in the country for furthering the cause of the women.

Ms. Shahnaz Wazir Ali said that the PPP always worked for the betterment of the women. She said that the party also undertook practical steps for the empowerment of the women in the country.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the FWBL, Ms.Shafqat Sultana, said that the FWBL has so far disbursed loans worth Rs. 19 Billion and of these loans worth Rs. 13.3 Billion were given to women which constitutes 70 percent. She said that the FWBL has extended loans to more than 45,000 women in the country.

Ms. Tauqir Fatima Bhutto Minister for Women Development Government of Sindh and Ms. Charmaine Hidayatullah of FWBL also spoke on the occasion.

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