Kubra Asghar

Recipient of Citi PPAF Micro-Entrepreneurship Award 2008

Kubra Asghar comes from a family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her parents lived in Farooqabad, where her father is an agriculturist. He always encouraged his daughters as much as his sons to pursue a career of their choice.

In 1997, she did her Lady Health Worker course after completing matriculation. During her field visits she saw the potential for embroidery done by the women at household level. She recommended few alterations in design to one of the middle women, who eventually proved to be her mentor. This lady gave her 5 suits to design as a challenge and hence began the journey. She was directly introduced to the buyers of the Sheikhupura and Lahore markets for whom she continued work for 2 years until she got married and moved with her in-laws. Initially her husband was opposed to the idea of her work but later allowed her to pursue her interest. As her business grew, so did her husband’s encouragement.

Kubra now owns an independent house which is in her own name. She shares this house with her sister. Beside being able to involve her younger sister, who is now married, she has provided employment to many housewives of her area. Kubra is an example of a vibrant empowered woman who plans to take her work to the International level, now that she has already reached out from rural to urban areas of Lahore and Karachi.

Kubra believes in constant learning of new trends and designs. Coming from a rural area she aims to give competition to the high-class designers of Lahore and Karachi. Kubra’s innovative and business mindedness can be gauged from the fact that she rents out bridal dresses on Rs. 2000 per day, and charges for any extra day. On average Kubra’s work generates revenues of Rs. 125,000 per month and her profit margin on average is 35%.

FWBL exhibited ‘Kubra’s Collection’ on 24th September, 2008, and received a very positive response. It was one of the most popular exhibitions at FWBL as the dresses were in price ranges easily affordable by working women. After availing 2 loans in the Microfinance category to meet specific client orders from Karachi and Lahore, Kubra is now negotiating an SME loan with FWBL.

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