Mrs. Shafqat Sultana President inaugurates the FWBL Human Resource & Development Centre

Mrs. Shafqat Sultana President First Women Bank Ltd. inaugurated the FWBL Human Resource & Development Centre in Karachi. Addressing the Executives and Employees of the bank she said that focusing on human resource development is our first priority so that our professional base is expanded and strengthened.
Today, training is like marketing in that when we are in a tough economy, in that we have to think about discretionary expenses. It is important to see training as an investment. It does cost time and money to train people. However, having a well trained staff helps them be more efficient, make fewer mistakes and create better results. Training should never be considered a luxury! Training is the most powerful tonic ever created. It can change a single life and in turn move our entire world in new ways, she said.

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