Mumtaz Bibi

Mumtaz Begum belongs to a community of carpet weavers from the village Kalaskay, District of Gujranwala. Her husband is a daily wage earner. Her household was solely dependent on his daily wages, which were not sufficient to fulfill her wish to educate her child and maintain a good living standard for her family. Their total monthly earnings were Rs. 3000. Despite initial resistance from her husband, she decided to open a small grocery store in a room of her house with financial support from FWBL.

She took her 1st loan from FWBL to install a cone ice cream machine at her home. Following the success of this venture, she opened a small retail shop at the backdoor of her small house from the 2nd loan that she availed. FWBL supported her again when she applied for a 3rd loan through which she bought a deep freezer. She has transformed into an entrepreneurial woman who keeps thinking on business lines, constantly on the lookout to further enhance and expand her retail shop and FWBL has supported her all the way through.

Currently her monthly income is Rs. 9000. For Mumtaz Bibi, her bigger achievement is that her daughter is now going to school. Mumtaz’s initiative is not only to improve the economic condition of her household, but also empowered her by providing her a greater social status in the family and village. She says, “FWBL gave me the power to succeed”.

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