Najeeba Zulfiqar – Bee Gee

Najeeba Zulfiqar (Bee Gee) is one of the most well-known designers in the fashion industry. She has been designing dresses for popular film and TV stars for many years now. She started her business back in 1985 and has come a long way since. Having firmly established herself in the local fashion industry, she expanded her horizon and went global, winning critics’ accolades at various international fashion shows and exhibitions across the world. Bee Gee designs all kinds of dresses – from bridal, formal, casual to party wear, costumes for films, dramas, etc. She enjoys a loyal customer base in Pakistan, UK, USA, Canada and India.

When it comes to banking needs, Najeeba has always relied on FWBL. She says, “First Women Bank Ltd. has always been there to help me meet my growing business requirements”.

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