Naseem Akhtar

Naseem Bibi is resident of a small village In District Gujranwala. She has two sons and three daughters. Her husband is a daily wage earner. Although it was deemed impossible for her to raise her children, and at the same time, assist her husband in generating additional income for their household; but she has proven everyone wrong by successfully managing to fulfill her dual role and contributing in her family’s economic independence.

“I availed a micro loan of Rs. 10,000 from First Women Bank Limited to purchase sewing machines for my home based stitching center. This increased my monthly income from Rs. 3000 to 5000 and helped me send my children to school. I fully repaid the loan and purchased another embroidery machine from savings. Now my monthly income has reached Rs. 8000.”

“This financial turnaround has helped me to achieve a very respectable place in my family and society. Not only have I benefited my family but also imparted my skills to about 35 to 40 of my apprentices from the village, some of whom have already followed In my footsteps and applied for microloans from FWBL. I have also sought another loan from which I will purchase more machines and designing material.”

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