Nasim Bibi

Nasim Bibi, a mother of 4 children is a resident of Farooqabad. Her husband’s daily wages were not enough to meet the family’s needs. Ten years ago he started making cushions and foam pillows at a very low scale to make ends meet. But due to insufficient working capital he wasn’t able to expand his business. Nasim, shelving aside all her inhibitions regarding credit financing, sought a loan of Rs. 10,000 from First Women Bank Limited and used it to purchase raw material for her husband’s business. As a result their monthly income rose by Rs. 2,000 a month. Upon repayment of the first loan, she availed a second loan of Rs. 20,000, which the couple used to rent out a three Marla house for expanding their business. Their trade has flourished since then and they have started making Rs. 12,000 a month. Three of their children are enrolled in school while the elder one is helping them in their business.

In 2005, Nasim Bibi was among 16 successful micro-entrepreneurs who were conferred “Global Micro-Entrepreneurship Award” organized by the UN Capital Development Fund in collaboration with CITI Group Foundation, Harvard Business School and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund.

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