Officer Business Risk Review – Karachi / Islamabad

Bachelors / Postgraduate preferably MBA in Finance from an HEC recognized University with 3-5 years of Credit processing /Credit Approval/ Business Risk Review experience. CA/ACCA/ recognized Credit & Risk Certifications will be preferred.

The ideal candidate should be able to perform thorough Credit Risk Analysis by having hands on experience over credit & risk policies throughout the bank and well conversant with the SBP’s Prudential Regulations and prevalent banking practices.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing the individual borrower on the basis of Five ‘C’ of credit analysis; and recommending the additional enhancement where necessary. Furthermore evaluating the viability of borrower to continue as a going concern and analyze alternative sources for repayment.
  • To identify lacunas in the credit processing or policies leading to the wrong decisions.
  • BRR planning and identification of major risk areas prior to onsite inspection.
  • Evaluating the risk rating assigned to individual loans / investments with respect to the likelihood of loss, quarterly monitoring of problem loans, adequacy of valuation reserve, required provision for loan losses and awarding appropriate risk rating / classification to the accounts.
  • Review is conducted in adherence to written procedure manual from Risk Management/BRR and Prudential regulations. Systematic evaluation of the adequacy of and compliance with established lending / investment policies and related operating procedures.
  • Timely identification through red flagging the loans/investment as “Watch List” and subsequent monitoring of risk in delinquent and non-accruing loans, which could minimize losses.
  • Highlighting the deficiencies in credit administration through loan documentation, perfection of security, valuation and insurance of collateral, expired portfolio etc.
  • Preparing/ Drafting Business Risk Review reports of lending units for senior management.
  • To participate in discussion on draft report and obtaining Management response against observations.
  • Conducting Industry, country analysis, country studies and industry analysis for BRR reports
  • Checking delinquency and debt burden of entire FWBL staff through SBP credit report namely “electronic credit information bureau” (eCIB).



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