E-Banking FAQs

Q. Who can get the card?

Applicant must be existing account holder of the branch or open a new Account. In case of a joint account, the ATM application Form should be duly signed by all joint account holders. However, only one accountholder is authorized to operate the account.

Q. How should I apply for FWBL ATM Card?

Account holders can submit a request for an ATM Card by filling an Application form at their respective branch. They must submit the Form along with a copy of their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), or any other form of identification, such as a copy of their Passport.

Q. What are the charges for ATM Card?

The ATM card Issue Fee is Rs. 300/-, and the Re-issue Fee is Rs. 350/-.

Q. How will I receive the Card and the PIN?

The FWBL ATM Card will be delivered to customers at the address mentioned in their Application Form through Courier, and the PIN has to be collected from the respective branch by the customer, after duly filling the Acknowledgement Form dispatched to the customer with card.

Q. What are the benefits of the card?

FWBL customers can enjoy the following services through their ATM Cards.


  • Funds Transfer
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Mobile Post Pay Bill Payment and Top-up
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • ATM PIN Change
  1. Inter Branch Fund Transfer
  2. FWBL ATM Cardholders can transfer funds between their own accounts and a beneficiary’s account (any FWBL account) by using the Inter- Branch Fund Transfer service through their ATM card (from any FWBL ATM only)

    a) Instantly, fund transfer on a real- time basis within the FWBL network.
    b) Transfer up to Rs. 100,000 per day from your FWBL account to any other FWBL account.
    c) This service is available 24hrs at FWBL ATMs.

  3. Inter-Bank Funds Transfer
  4. A fast, secure and convenient service which allows customers to transfer funds between 1LINK/MNET member banks using their FWBL account. The IBFT facility can be used 24/7.


    a) Instantly, transferring funds (up to Rs. 100,000 per day from your FWBL account) to 1LINK/MNET member banks anytime through a FWBL ATM.
    b) Receive funds in your FWBL account from 1LINK/MNET member banks anytime through their ATM
    c) Real-time fund transfer
    d) Fast, secure and reliable mode of funds transfer

  5. Utility Bills Payment Service
  6. First Women Bank Ltd. now offers UBP services round the clock for its ATM Cardholders across the country. Customers can now use their FWBL ATM Card at any FWBL ATM to pay their utility bills and top up their mobile bill.


    a) Real-time payment of utility bills
    b) Pay mobile bills and top up your mobile credit anytime
    c) Fast, transparent and reliable transfer of funds

Q. What is the validity of the FWBL ATM Card?

The initial validity of the card is 2 years. After the card expires, renewal charges of Rs. 150/- will apply.

Q. I have lost my card, what shall I do?

In case a customer loses her/ his FWBL ATM Card or the card is stolen she /he is advised to immediately call 0800-67676 and report the loss.

Q. Whom should I contact in case of any queries?

You can call your respective FWBL branch, our toll free line: 0800-67676 or our Call Centre: 03311006767.


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