Ruqia Bibi

Ruqia is from Nokhar village in Sheikhupura. She has 5 daughters and 2 sons, all of whom go to school. Ruqia has been running her apparel business for quite some time now. She trains her apprentices who in return do her work, free of cost. She claims her profit margin to be almost 100% and her average monthly income is Rs. 12,000/-. A wedding dress that she recently made cost her Rs. 3500/- and she managed to sell it for Rs. 6000/-. Her clientele is mostly affluent individuals from urban Sheikhupura.

Ruqia has availed 3 loans from FWBL and waits for a 4th one to be sanctioned. She attributes her success to the timely disbursal of funds by FWBL. Previously she was only able to take one 1 or 2 orders. But now, having been financially empowered by FWBL, she on average handles 9-10 orders at a time. She plans to continue expanding her business with support from FWBL.

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