SME Credit Analyst- Karachi

Graduate preferably B.Com / Postgraduate preferably MBA in Finance / ICMA/ ACCA/ CIMA. Fresh candidates should apply, preference will be given to those having 2-3 years experience of credit analysis with special focus on SME sector.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Credit analysis and processing of  loan proposals for approval
  • Financial/cash flow analysis .
  • Monitoring of SBP Prudential Regulations for SME  and guidelines
  • Issuance of internal as well as SBP circulars from time to time through departmental Head.
  • Coordination with  SBP, External Auditors & Internal Auditors
  • To keep the track of Watch List SME accounts and monitoring of SME portfolio
  • Monitoring of SME Targets
  • Maintaining Record and proper filing of proposals /circulars etc.
  • Maintaining various related MIS for internal management and SBP .
  • SME Product Development




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