Tabinda Chinoy

Tabinda Chinoy is an artist and sculptor and has held solo and group shows in leading galleries internationally. She is a Director of the Central Institute of Arts and Crafts, Karachi and gives art appreciation lectures at the Aga Khan University, Karachi. Nagi, one of Pakistan’s senior-most artists introduced her to art when he asked her to paint in the vast basement studio of his house alongside some of Pakistan’s all time greats, Ahmed Parvez and Bashir Mirza. She and Beo Zafar recently launched their book “The Dreamer Awakens”. In the words of Tabinda, As for this book, it was an amazing connection. We were stunned to discover when we put our work together, that the poems were as much my journey as they were Beo’s; mine expressed in paint, hers in verse, but speaking the same language.

As we proceeded matching poem to painting, we realized with awe that a book was being bornĀ.

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