Trade Officer – Karachi

Graduate preferably B.Com / Postgraduate preferably MBA /M.Com or equivalent degree from an HEC recognized University. Minimum 5 years of experience in handling international trade transactions, in Commercial bank. Acquainted with updated banking & prudential regulations, banking practices and procedures

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Timely processing and issuance of LC, Import Contract and amendments through Trade system.
  • Timely processing of Lodgment, acceptance and payment of Import Bills under LC & Collection through Trade system.
  • Issuance and redemption of Shipping Guarantee / Airway Bill release processing the same day on Trade System.
  • Processing of Advance payment for Import on Trade system.
  • Follow-up of outstanding / unaccepted bills, Shipping Guarantee / Airway Bill release and Import documents not received against the Advance payments.
  • Timely processing for Export Bills lodgment, negotiation, discounting and payment. Export Advance Payment, and Documents received against Export Advance Payments, etc.
  • Certification of Form E in WEBOC
  • Ensure timely and proper follow up with customers in respect of certified Form E against which export documents along with Form E has not been submitted by the Exporter.
  • Responsible for clearing Nostro open items, and follow up with foreign correspondent banks the recovery / settlement of o/s un-reconciled Nostro items pertaining to Import and Export.
  • Ensure recovery of all commission, fees and charges on timely basis as per customer BCA / schedule of charges and recovery of FCY / Local correspondent Bank charges, etc.
  • Ensure timely / proper follow up with the foreign correspondent / CSG/ RM for acceptance and payment of bills.
  • Monthly reconciliation and balancing of all outstanding import & export transactions.
  • Physical reconciliation of all outstanding import and Export Bills to be conducted on half yearly basis.
  • Ensure submission of all internal and External returns as per respective deadlines.
  • Processing , monitoring and reporting of ERF cases

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