Zeenat Saeed – Taneez, Silverware Shop

Women with their sense of aesthetics and style could become an important component in the commercial industry of Pakistan. Lifestyle products have a large market locally and overseas. If more women are given chances to venture in establishing their own concerns, and educated on how to export their products; the result would be a seasoned community of women earning valuable foreign exchange for our country.

Zeenat Saeed is one such person who made a success story from her passion for creating stylised silverware. It all started from a simple exhibition held in her home of cushion covers, waste paper baskets, mounted paintings and lampshades – all unique and meticulously executed. The sales and the acclamations from her clients gave her the confidence to think in terms of developing it into a serious business. Later, she managed to get a shop at Park Towers,Karachi, but was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep paying the rentals. When she first approached FWBL, the Bank believed and welcomed her initiatives and approved the loan amount desired by her. Within three months the Bank saw the signs of success in her business. The sales increased by 100% every year. And the Bank continued to extend her financial support as and when it was required. Taneez is now a name synonymous with style, and has a considerably large market for its products nationwide.

Zeenat Saeed has ambitious plans to expand her business in Pakistan as well as export to other countries. She has outlets in Karachi & Lahore.

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